Sunday, January 22, 2006

Political Parties and their Effect on American Politics: the foundation of the Anti-Party Political Movement

Friends, and Fellow Citizens.
It’s time to tell our Politicians to stop focusing on their own wellbeing, and start paying attention to the People’s needs. For far too long the welfare of the majority of Americans has been set-aside for the interests of the few. This is due in no small part to the polarization of American Politics that has developed over the last two hundred years. By marginalizing the so-called “third party” candidates the two party system, that has evolved, has created an atmosphere of political monopoly and stagnation. By raising the hundreds of millions of dollars required to get a candidate from one of the main political organizations elected, American political parties more closely resemble multi-national corporations. Modern corporations know the benefits to making huge political donations, and often will donate to both major political parties in order to guarantee special treatment no matter who wins an election. This money, that the parties are so efficient at raising, could be going to help the poor, the hungry, or the uninsured; but instead, more often than not it goes towards ensuring that the donors receive favors from their political allies. These monopolies, and the inter-party squabbling they create, have continually diverted politicians’ attention from matters of great social importance to America.
As politicians argue lethargic party agendas, four years after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Buildings, two and half years after the invasion and occupation of Iraq, and four months after the chaos of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita devastated the Gulf Coast, the 9/11 commission has recently released a new report stating that we’re no safer today than we were four years ago. There are also Global implications of the two party monopoly. As representatives of the people of the United States, many members have come to be viewed negatively by citizens of other nations around the world. This has a direct affect on the way Americans in general are viewed in foreign nations. We are often seen as polluters, murderers, and liars because of the way politicians pursue their parties’ agendas. In order to create a strong and safer nation we must have an active democracy, where a majority not a minority participates in the voting process.
The willingness of members from both major parties to bicker and be constantly implicated in scandals has created among many voters a lack of enthusiasm about going to the ballot box. This lack of excitement manifests itself in the form of dwindling voter turn out, and a general apathy towards the democratic process. The often mediocre candidates that are nominated by these parties are usually not all that different from one another and often spend years in stale offices far past their prime. No longer should Americans have to endure a government made up of politicians that are seen as being the “lesser of two evils.” America’s votes should not be defined by party lines. It is because of these arbitrary lines that to often politicians are quick to criticize their opponent’s approach to policy without presenting an effective alternative proposal to solve the problems facing our nation. This approach often does not offer voters many choices and can often lead to the establishment of sub-standard legislation. When party members in the Congress and/or the President can hold up vital legislation for years because of the, often juvenile, back and forth arguing that takes place; something needs to be done to bring about change. The only way to get our Democratic Republic back on track is by taking actions to ensure its future stability. We need to work together to return to a time when candidates had to stand on their ideals, separate from party agendas and platforms. For far too long individual candidates have let their party’s publicized agenda divert attention from their own point-of-view on American policy. The sign of a truly strong candidate is their willingness to stand-up for what they believe to be sound, foreign and domestic, policies separate of any party’s influence.
It is for these reasons that the only logical way to reinstate the integrity of our nation’s political process, is to eliminate All political parties. By holding each and every individual candidate accountable for their personal views the caliber of the candidates will improve. This presents a beneficial situation not only for the voters who would then have more candidates to choose from, but also for those who are seeking office who will no longer have to worry that they may offend members of their party. Candidates who no longer have to tow the party line are more likely to promote what they believe to be the most effective legislature. The debates brought up by these candidates will then be on the merit of the issues rather than the agenda of out of touch parties. By eliminating these parties every level of government will be reenergized by new people and new ideas. Which in turn will guarantee a safer, stronger, and better America that leads by example not force. With the elimination of the party system American citizens would once again be excited to participate in the voting process in order to leave future generations a nation of integrity.

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